Advanced Domestic Services

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

A key part of our company is the ability to work with your ideas and our expertise to create and customise bathrooms, kitchens & laundries best suited for your needs. We coordinate the project from demolition to handover organising all our friendly tradesman and material of your choice giving you a hassle free experience from start to finish.

All General Household Plumbing

We maintain and service all household plumbing with no job being too small. This includes, but is not limited to, service, maintenance and repair of taps, toilets, waste pipes, water lines and all wet area fixtures and fittings.


Any Hour Plumbing & Gas are fully licensed and recognised as leaders in gasfitting when it comes to installation and emergencies. We safely conduct ourselves in a manner which covers all areas from all appliances to the fitting line. We use the latest in technology and the most accurate measures to ensure your house or rental property is gas safe for your tenants or family. This includes gas appliance installation, new connections, leak detection and line installations. We are now also providing gas safety certificates to landlords across Melbourne with a written report on all test results and findings for your properties, leaving nothing to chance and no liability for landlords.

Hot Water Unit Repairs Maintenance & Installation

At Any Hour Plumbing & Gas a “same day service” applies to all calls in relation to hot water units. We commission, install and service all types of hot water units including electric, gas and solar. Over a scheduled appointment or simple phone call we can advise you on a unit best suited for your home or property. We are recognised installers across all brands and have the expertise and knowledge to fault find and detect inefficiencies or problems you may be experiencing with hot water.

Blocked Drains & Camera Inspections

When it comes to any drain, if not treated in the right manner or simply with age, blockages are always a possibility.

At Any Hour we only use the latest in technology reducing the disturbance to your household or property in the most efficient manner possible with the best outcome. Our high pressure water jet not only unblocks drains but can cut roots entering through cracks giving your sewer or stormwater extended life with little cost. After every blockage, we inspect your drain with a CCTV camera ensuring no imperfections are apparent. We also have the ability to locate depth and lines of all drainage pipes.

Leak Detection

Whether it be gas or water, no leak escapes us with our high tech pressurizing, sounding and smell devices. We can pinpoint leaks beneath the ground and within walls, causing you less damage to your property and fixing the problem in the most cost efficient manner.

Drainage & Pipe Re-Lining

Whether it be a repair, installation or re-line, we have the machinery and manpower to get your job done in either existing homes, renovations or new projects.

Hot & Cold Water Services

Water quality and hygiene are an obvious requirement when it comes to water. We can test, inspect, repair and install all types of water lines when it comes to material and size for all your water needs.

Roofing & Guttering

Don’t wait until it’s too late – keep your roof in good order if it’s an ageing property and avoid damage within! However, if you have an unexpected roof leak or simply need replacing of gutters or an old roof, our roofing team will get your job done professionally at the most cost effective rates in the industry. With high levels of organisation we have successfully replaced large roofs and gutters within a day leaving no area of your property without shelter or water catchment. If it is a job that cannot be done as a same day turn around, with careful planning we coordinate the process to get the job done with no risks involved in the de-roofing of any area.